Kyle Hammond

Additional contact info available upon request.
kyle [dot] hammond [at] snowmintcs [dot] com

Computer Programming and Consulting


Computer programmer ready to work on interesting new projects.

Experience includes:

  • Programming for Mac OS System 7 through Mac OS X
  • Web page development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript)
  • Carbon, Cocoa, iPhone and AppleScript technologies
  • Creating work flow AppleScripts
  • Administering CVS and SVN server running on MacOS X
  • Objective-C, C/C++, PHP, MySQL
  • User interface design
  • Serial port programming
  • Troubleshooting general computer problems
  • Customer technical support

Career Experience

Information Technology Professional - Biology Program, U of MN, Minneapolis (2005-2010)
Assist Biology Program faculty and staff with all things computer related. Designed and coded web-based gradebook in PHP and MySQL, converted exam question database from WordStar document to web-based implementation in PHP and MySQL, redesigned and updated Midwest Peregrine Falcon Restoration Project data from FileMaker 5 to web-based implementation in PHP and MySQL. Managed and upgraded office, teaching lab, and lecture hall computers.

Co-Founder - Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC, Saint Paul, MN (2001-present)
Personal finance shareware application, Budget, written in Objective-C using Cocoa for Mac OS X; Budget Touch written in Objective-C for iPhone. Drawing-on-screen application, Ultimate Pen, written in Cocoa for Mac OS X. Responsible for most user interface code, file I/O code, product registration and localization. Set up and administer a CVS and SVN server running on Mac OS X. Financial officer for Snowmint, dealing with all company financial issues.

Co-Founder - CodeBlazer Technologies LLC, Minneapolis, MN (2001-2005)
Solely responsible for all issues from coding and debugging to distribution and customer support with MacOS version of multimedia presentation and database applications, UPresent and UGather.
Also financial officer for CodeBlazer, dealing with all company funds and banking.

Contract Programmer - General Biology Program, U of MN, Minneapolis (2001-2002)
Designed and implemented a MacOS X Cocoa application:
Mendelian Genetics Investigations - A simulator of organism procreation and trait inheritance

Contract Programmer - Department of Psychology, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH (1999)
Design and implementation of serial port control of visual and magnetic motion capture systems. This was part of a visual perception research project using a MacOS computer system as the data center.

Info. Technology Professional - General Biology Program, U of MN, Minneapolis (1998-2001)
Continually modified multimedia software applications (written in C++) UPresent and UGather to keep up with current technology, eg. the world wide web and 3D graphics. Helped with troubleshooting office and lecture hall computers. Set up a work flow AppleScript for student lab sessions.

Graduate student - General Biology Program, U of MN, Minneapolis (1995-1998)
Designed and implemented multimedia presentation and database computer software applications to run on MacOS 7.6 through MacOS 8.x. Worked closely with faculty and project director on user interface and product functionality issues.

Graduate student - Physics department, U of MN, Minneapolis (1994-1995)
Designed and implemented physics simulation software for MacOS for use in undergraduate classes.


UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, Minneapolis, MN (1993-1998)
Physics department
Ph.D. track in solid-state physics.

B.S. magna cum laude in Physics

  • Phi Beta Kappa honor society
  • Co-author on atmospheric research paper


Hobbies include fishing, reading, and volunteering for MSPMSR.

References furnished upon request.