Old picture of me
Me working at the U of M (circa 1997 or so).

Kyle Hammond

Current Projects

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC

  • Ultimate Pen - draw on top of almost any application at any time. (Mac OS X only)
  • Budget - a unique personal finance application that helps users stick to a budget. (Mac OS X and Windows)

Web Stuff

  • Tactical Assault Games - a friend of mine is starting to publish some games and I built the web site.
  • Serenity Dental - a couple other friends of mine opened a dental office in Woodbury, Minnesota and I built and maintain their web site.
  • Village Games - a couple friends of mine opened a gaming store in Anoka, Minnesota and I built their web site.
  • Midwest Peregrine - a group of people working to promote peregrine falcon health and scientific study in the midwest region of the U.S. I helped them with the web interface to their great database.
  • Mpls/St Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue - People working to take care of miniature schnauzer dogs that otherwise might not have a chance at the good life of being a pet.

Programming Information

I have been a computer programmer for a long time. I have posted some source code, as well as links to projects I've worked on for various operating systems.

  • Mac Toolbox (in C for Carbon) for Mac OS 7.x - 9.x and Mac OS X
  • Cocoa (in Objective-C) for Mac OS X
  • Win32 (in C) for Windows 98 and higher

My Education

You can take a look at my résumé if you'd like.

Send feedback to kyle [dot] hammond [at] snowmintcs [dot] com