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I've been doing a little programming for Windows since 1999. Now that I'm at Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC I've managed to push almost all of the Windows programming off on somebody else. Whew, what a relief!

If you'd like, take a look at my résumé.

While I was programming on Windows, I developed some code that I think could be useful to a variety of programmers. I've made it all available here for free; please do not include this source code on any CD-ROMs or upload it to any other sites without my permission.

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Download Color Control

Updated November 17, 1999

A window class that allows the user to make a color selection. Also can be used to select from a bunch of colors with the AUTORADIOSELECT style.

Free. Zip archive of ColorControl.h and ColorControl.c. (4K)

Posted March 21, 2000

Allows the user to drag multiple selections within a LISTBOX window. Works identically to MakeDragList from the Win32 SDK, but it works with multiple selection style LISTBOX windows.

Free. Zip archive of MultipleDragList.h and MultipleDragList.c. (4K)

Updated July 11, 2001

Four C++ classes (derived from an abstract base class) to utilize the Mac and Win32 serial ports. For MacOS there are three classes: one class uses Open Transport and is mostly Carbon compatible (just not on MacOS X), one class uses the classic serial driver (not available on MacOS X), and the last class uses the IOKit and Posix termios API (MacOS X only).

Free. Zip archive of source code and headers. (28K)

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