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I've been programming on the Mac OS since 1993. It became a paying job when I was a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 1995. Now it's my full time job (since spring of 1998) and hobby. I currently do lots of work for Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC. I sometimes take on contract programming jobs and web site development.

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Over the years, I've developed some code that I think can be useful to Mac Carbon/Toolbox programmers. I've made it all available here for free; please do not include this source code on any CD-ROMs or upload it to any other sites without my permission.

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Updated May 4, 2001

A spiffy List Manager replacement that can handle more than 32K of data and doesn't use LDEFs. The A List has drag and drop of multiple cells, outline view lists, dynamic scrolling, native PowerPC performance, support for the Appearance Manager, cut/copy/paste support and more. The A List is Carbon compatible starting with version 1.1.7; you can use it with System 7.0 through Mac OS X.

Free with credit on About page. Binhexed self-extracting archive of source code, sample application (full source code) and Codewarrior Pro 3, 4, 5 and 6 projects.

Posted July 13, 1999

A function to create a temporary file on the same volume as an existing file. Takes into account server permissions on temporary items folder. This is really useful for doing a "safe save". Requires MoreFiles FSpGetDirectoryID function.

Free. Binhexed source code file CreateTempFile.c. (4K)

Updated February 13, 2000

A collection of functions to help with Appearance Manager editable text controls. These functions handle the Edit menu functions cut, copy, paste, clear and select all (including activating menu items). Also included are functions for putting/getting a number into/out of the control as well as a key filter to allow only numbers. There is a function for drawing the title to the left of the control.

Free. Binhexed self-extracting archive of EditTextCntlExtras.h and EditTextCntlExtras.c. (143K)

Updated November 20, 1999

Request multiple files at once ala CustomGetFile( ). Looks like Metrowerks Codewarrior's Mac app (pre-Navigation Services) "Add Files..." command. Will never be Carbon compatible; use Navigation Services instead on Carbon.

Free. Binhexed self-extracting archive of GetMultiple.c and GetMultiple.rsrc (custom dialog resources).

Updated June 30, 2003

Four C++ classes (derived from an abstract base class) to utilize the Mac and Win32 serial ports. For Mac OS there are three classes: one class uses Open Transport and is mostly Carbon compatible (just not on Mac OS X), one class uses the classic serial driver (not available on Carbon), and the last class uses the IOKit and Posix termios API (Carbon based for Mac OS X only).

Free. Binhexed Stuff-It archive of source code and headers. (40K)

Posted February 8, 2000

This is a very simple C++ project that uses the Open Transport Mac OS serial port code (see above). It prints the available ports to the console, then reads up to 1K of data in 1 second from the first available port.

Free. Binhexed self-extracting archive including all code in "Serial Port code" above, HelloWorld.cp, Codewarrior Pro 5 and Pro 6 projects, and the compiled application. (292K)

Updated Jan 26, 2001

A control that looks like the standard System 7 window zoom box. It uses Appearance Manager 1.1 or later to draw the zoom box if Appearance is installed, making the control look appropriate on System 8.x and 9.x also.

Free. Binhexed self-extracting archive of source code, already compiled CDEFs (for 68K and PPC), and Codewarrior Projects (versions 11, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 6).

Apple logo Mac Applications I've Written

Ultimate Pen app icon Ultimate Pen - Mac OS X

Draw on top of almost any application with a variety of tools.

Budget app icon Budget - Mac OS X

Personal finance application that helps users stick to a budget.

HeaderDoc UI app icon HeaderDoc UI - Mac OS X

Front end user interface for generating source code documentation using HeaderDoc comments.

Updated June 2, 2002.

Evolutionary Mechanisms Simulator - Mac OS X

An application for the Biology Program at the University of Minnesota that allows students and instructors to investigate the effects of evolutionary forces on population genetics.

Mendelian Genetics Investigations - Mac OS X

An application for the General Biology Program at the University of Minnesota that allows instructors to set up Mendelian genetics problems for students to solve.

UGather - Mac OS 8.1 - 9.x

Multimedia database manager. Track information for still images, movies, sound files, and UPresent text cards. Search heirarchically, by keywords, by text strings, or by one of eight sorting criteria. Select and copy files for use with UPresent. Also useful as a stand alone multimedia browser for any mounted volumes.

UPresent - Mac OS 8.1 - X

Multimedia presentation manager. Takes about fifteen minutes to learn to use; integrates a wide variety of media types such as stills, movies, sounds, 3DMF files, URLs, text cards, other software applications, live video, and a videodisc player controller.
A variety of Animation Generators for use in explaining electricity and magnetism. Some of the topics covered are Gauss' Law, Faraday's Law, Ampere's Law and general information about electric and magnetic fields and fluxes.

Contact Roger S. Jones for more information.

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